The natural and physical laws of Amaravella are very different to Earthly ones. This page is dedicated to explaining them.

Reproduction Edit

There is no such thing as gender on Amaravella. Any exchange of genes in a 'mating ritual' may be done telepathically. To start the embryonic growth of a new life form the said parent(s) must plant a special seed together in the earth. Light and water is all that is needed for the fetus to grow.

Seasons/Weather Edit

The weather on Amaravella is known to be volatile and miraculous. Since the balance of the *** has been endangered there is no telling what fierce and biblical storms might occur on the planet, or for how long some intense seasons of weather may last. Here are some of the aspects of weather:

Mysteria Edit

Season of intense mists and low lying fogs. Generally lasts one full moon cycle. The mists tend to be tinged a cobalt blue and side effects include short- term memory loss